Talent strategy
Talent strategy  

Employ the talented person, develop and value the talented person.
As a private enterprise, what is the most short of  Is a useful talent!

As a private enterprise, what is the most proud of Is a flexible mechanism!
Talent scarcity plus flexible mechanism means value talent, reuse talent.

Because of the scarcity of talent, so as long as you are talented, then you will become the pillars of Dafeng. Although Dafeng grow fast , there is no talent of the "traffic jam" phenomenon. The continued job vacancy will make you find a satisfactory position, Dafeng will provide you with a broad space for development.

Because of the flexible mechanism, as long as you are talented, then Dafeng will provide you with good working conditions and generous remuneration for treatment. Dafeng has no bad habits of the seniority. As long as you contribute, Dafeng give you are always proportional to you give to Dafeng.

Dafeng understands: first-class talent can create first-class enterprise;

Dafeng knows: the cause, the favourable pay ,and the sentiments can keep person
í˙ Dafeng knows: bring person in , used them well, then can keep them.

Dafeng knows better: "first-class talent not enter, unable to retain second-rate talent, third-rate talent cannot get out" is a tragedy of talent person, it is also the tragedy of enterprise.
     The ten years' development made Dafeng accumulate sufficient capital, the improvement of life style and the successful Olympic bid provide an unprecedented opportunity for Dafeng. "everything is ready except the east wind ".Dafeng will forge ahead with you.

Opportunities are always tender to the talent person.
If you are proficiency in business management, then Dafeng will be a good place for your performance.
í˙   If you're skillful in mechanical design, then Dafeng will be an arena for developing your talents;
í˙   If you are proficiency in mechanical control, then Dafeng will be a good place for realizing the value;
í˙   If you have eyes only for real estate business, then Dafeng will be a big stage for your successful career;

All over the country, open broad avenues to able people, " in this vast world of Dafeng, you will have much to accomplish. "
We are not afraid that you have ambition, but I'm afraid you do not have perseverance.
 As long as you have both ability and integrity, as long as you are willing to accompany Dafeng, then you're the person Dafeng yearn. Dafeng's brilliant future will have a meritorious service of you!

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Normal treatmentú║

í˙ salary plus quarterly bonus plus annual bonus
í˙ reimburse mobile phone communications expense by level
í˙ welfare stipulated by the state

Additional for field staff:
í˙ one-time relocation for 1000-4000 yuan;
í˙housing subsidy for 300-550 yuan / month;
í˙ annual travel expenses and subsidies for 600-800 dollars on the way;

Additional for key talent:
í˙ The subsidies for buying a house (more than one year's work, making a breakthrough contribution);
í˙ Housing presented (more than one year 's work, making a breakthrough contribution);
í˙Allocated cars (more than one year's work, the key backbone)

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