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Trip season-Dafeng tourist activities
Time:2017/5/8 15:39:20

April is a good time to travel. Recently, our company organized all the staff to develop tourism activities. In the spring, staffs not only fly the mood and keep away from the pressure, but also close to nature and stimulate enthusiasm for work and life. The company prepared and arranged in advance in order to satisfy the diverse experience of the staff. The tourist routes are Wuhan free trip, Wuyi Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Tiantai, Linhai, Xianju, Xinchang and other tourist routes.

On the famous Yellow Crane Tower, facing the wind, overlooking the Wuhan Yangtze River bridge, makes everyone feel open and clear. People review the "first shot" of Wuchang Uprising Memorial of the 1911 Revolution. There are so many important antiques in Hubei Museum , and sakura in Wuhan University makes everyone forget to leave.

Rugged rocks, dangerous cliffs, rugged ladder, luxuriant trees, winding streams of Wuyi Mountain, make us feel like in the paradise. Splendid rocks of Sanqing Mountain and extremely skillful natural scenery greatly to widen people¡¯s horizon.

After tasting the beautiful scenery of Qiongtai fairy valley in Tiantai Mountain, climb the long history of Jiangnan ancient Great Wall in the ancient city Linhai. Feel the charm of ancient city near the East Lake river. It is amazing that the scenery of Shenxianju scenic spot has its¡¯special form and style. 

Heng Dian World Studios is a unique and special scenery with history. ¡°Back ot Qin and Han Dynasty in The Dream¡±leads a person to endless aftertastes. Civil culture of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival scenery attracts a lot of people. ¡°Shijiu Feng¡±Scenery with the characteristics of elegant, quite, peculiar, and dangerous in Xinchang is also special and fun.

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