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Vice governor of Zhejiang province Gao Xingfu visited Dafeng for guidance
Time:2017-5-19 13:27:30

On the occasion of the opening of the fourth China Robot Summit, the vice governor Gao Xingfu, who is Zhejiang provincial government and the member of the Party committee visited Dafeng. Vice mayor of Ningbo Chen Zhongzhao, Yuyao mayor Pan Yinhao accompanied the inspection, and the president of company Feng Hua warmly received the governor and the other people.

Leaders visited the exhibition which displays Dafeng intelligent stage (stage machinery, lighting, audio and video, intelligent electrical), seat stand, sports facilities, building acoustics engineering.

Governor Gao saw the mechanical arm LED screen used in the Spring Festival Gala in recent years and said: "this is a large robot."

The guests came to Spring Festival Gala exhibition area, surprised by the ever changing choreography effects, and experienced the scene of the ¡°dancing stage".

Leaders experienced the seats of guests from all over the world of the ¡°Impressions of West Lakes¡±in the G20 summit, and combined with stage performance makes audience feel technology and comfort.

In the rail transit area, governor Gao understood Dafeng rail development in detail, and our province has already set up operations in rail transportation. In choosing related facilities and equipment, the rail transportation enterprises should show their strength. The government introduced the relevant policy, which is "the first set of major technical equipment." Dafeng seizes and takes advantage of the opportunity to provide better products and services.

President Feng appreciated the concern and guidance from the governor, and he reported the development and achievements to governor Gao. In the meantime, president Feng hopes the government will give more care and support about Dafeng in both culture and sports industry and rail industry.

Finally, governor Gao pointed out that the provincial government issued many of supporting and promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing policy. In the internet big data era, Dafeng will firmly grasp the development trend of Chinese intelligence to consolidate and strengthen the existing industrial advantages, regards the industrial policy and market as a guidance to set the platform of production, learning, and research. Strengthen in technology, market, talent and other areas of cooperation and exchange to promote the economic development of our province.

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