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Show the elegance and strength--2017 debut of PALM Dafeng creative stage show ¡°Liang Zhu¡±
Time:2017-6-7 9:24:35

2017 PALM EXPO China international professional audio and lighting instruments and technology exhibition was open on June 2rd in China International Exhibition Centre of Beijing. Dafeng creative stage show ¡°Liang Zhu¡±is located at booth 205, hall 7.

Dafeng creative stage show ¡°Liang Zhu¡±draws materials from a classic play ¡°Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai¡±. Combines the powerful strength of overall integration, uses live performance, holographic technology, cube stage, lighting and music to bring a fresh and new creative show.

Creative stage show ¡°Liang Zhu¡±

Act One characterizing a fine spring day, first time to school

Flowers, birds, waterfall, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai meet at school.

Act Two Study together at spring

Hundreds of flowers are in full bloom, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are dancing and having fun at school.

Act Three Read aloud, and appreciate each other

Practice calligraphy on the desk, recite the classic books.

Act four Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye to each other.

Act Five Refuse to marry

The cube stage represents for pressure, and Zhu Yingtai tries fight, but she doesn¡¯t make it.

Act Six Die for love

Liang Shanbo is depressed and eventually. Cube stage ups and downs, and Zhu Yingtai dies for love.

Act Seven Butterflies take off together

After the death of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, they become two butterflies and take off together.

Act Eight Liang Zhu is together to defend their love

All flowers bloom together, Liang Shanbo and ZhuYingtai never to be separated. The stage becomes butterflies and fly to paradise of love.

Eight acts are short but impressive. Advanced stage performance technology, and the intelligent stage equipment interacts with the actors make the classic play mysterious because of technology. Meanwhile, the stage seems like has life and emotion to combines traditional culture and advanced stage technology together, which makes the scene more attractive, and makes¡°Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai¡±become a successful show.

China entertainment technology association director Zhu Xincun, and The original director Zhang Yongjia are watching creative stage show

Director and general manager of the technical research center of Dafeng Feng Qiyun is introducing creative stage show to expert on stage machinery Duan Huiwen.

Group photo at Dafeng booth of the producer of G20 summit¡°Memorable Hangzhou¡±Sha Xiaolan, and President of the Chinese academy of stage art Cao Lin 

Group photo of leaders and experts of The fifth (Shanghai) branch of the China academy of performing arts and technology at Dafeng booth

Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co. Ltd originated from1991, and established from 2002, stock code is 603081. Is committed to providing customers with intelligent stage (stage machinery, lighting, audio and video, electric intelligence), seat and stand, architectural acoustics engineering style industry as a whole integration solutions. Dafeng crowned national enterprise technology center, which is a key national high-tech enterprise, national cultural exports of key enterprise, national cultural industry demonstration base, national sports industry demonstration base, owns design, development, manufacture, installation and debugging, after-sales maintenance of the overall strength.

This exhibition also has area of China Creative Sports Industry Alliance(CCSIA). This is a cooperative association that established by Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd, East China Construction Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Jiangnan Engineering Management Co., Ltd, and Shanghai International Culture Equipment Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. At the very beginning of the alliance, there were more than 30 membership companies which almost cover the nodes of consulting, research, planning, design, finance, investment, director, creativity, management, research and development, manufacturing, engineering, operations, performance, ticketing, brokers, and maintenance in the industrial chain. These are high profile enterprises, colleges and research institutes in the industry.

Particular thanks to the support from cooperative partners of Longwang Simultaneous Interpreting, Zhujiang Lighting, Lingyan Technology, Baoyeheng, Lanshuo Technology, Zuozuo Studio.

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