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Provincial governor Zhu came to Dafeng to develop a research of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±
Time:2017-6-12 9:27:30

Today, Vice governor of the people's government of zhejiang province and Party member Zhu Congjiu came to Dafeng to develop a research of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±. Be in the company of Ningbo government deputy secretary general Hu Wangrong, Yuyao municipal party committee secretary Xi Ming, and mayor Pan Yinhao, president of Dafeng Feng Hua warmly received them.

Leaders visited the exhibition room at Dafeng which displays intelligent stage(stage machinery, lighting, video&audio, electrical intelligence), seat and stand, sports facility, architectural acoustic engineering, and rail transit.

In the work conference of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±, Deputy Secretary General Hu Wangrong reported the working condition of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±to Governor Zhu, and other entrepreneurs made the statements as well. President Feng reported the development of company and the achievements. Dafeng sticks to its own research and development, mastering core technology, insisting on implementing performance excellence management model to promote the management level, constructing the enterprise reputation to create the brand. The company works hard within the scope of culture and sports, from a single product to the integration system. Starts from manufacturing, leads the industry, and through certification of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±in November, 2016. In the future, the company will continue focusing on the strategy of overall integration, design innovation, industry, information and talent optimization to achieve the strategy of being one of solution providers of integrated culture and sports facility leading industry. 

Governor Zhu congratulations on Dafeng successful listing, and hopes Dafeng will make persistent efforts on intelligent manufacturing to establish a benchmark of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±. After the report, governor Zhu points out that the certification of¡°made in Zhejiang¡± and the development of manufacturing in 2025 are the same strain. It is hard to make the certification because both in management and technology is going to help enterprises to improve as a whole, but it is worthy. The policy and development are both going on well in Ningbo, and it is going to be a good sample for the province.

The certification of ¡°made in Zhejiang¡±is able to increase sales, improve quality, and expand visibility, and makes the enterprises to gain the enthusiasm of winning enterprise certification. The provincial government is able to overcome the difficulties, resolve conflict, and make the enterprises which get the certification gain more benefits as soon as possible. ¡°Product looked¡±certification isn¡¯t accomplish in an action, it has to satisfy the standard and the strict test.

The Internet age, the government actively organizes, promotes and guides the brand construction work. As the main body, entrepreneurs and experts should know the brand certification and rise of enterprise are complementary.

At last, governor Zhu indicates that the provincial government focuses on brand certification. Company like Dafeng should pay more time, more costs, more energy, and more earnest, although sometimes it fails, it is worth to participate. Follow the standard and try to make ¡°made in Zhejiang¡± better.

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