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Yong Yu inter-city trains set sail
Time:2017-6-12 9:27:18

The inter-city train of Ningbo to Yuyao officially opens trial operation today. Yuyao and Ningbo step into a¡°same town¡±. This inter-city train is the first train which uses the existing train of inter-city train line. As a partner, Dafeng provides all the seating at the train.

The inter train follows the strict standard design and manufacture of ¡°TB/T 3263-2011-Passenger seat of the train¡±. Seat height of 1150 mm, width of 1040 mm, depth of 430 mm. 510 seats in every train, and each row has 2 seats on both left and right side symmetric distribution. Power sockets are under every pair of seat for charging. Seat frame uses the combination of the high strength aluminum alloy light material, and the back of the chair uses retarded composite moulding production. The armrest on the back uses aluminum plastic composite material, which is the first one in China.

In this inter train, new type inter train CRH6F of Zhongche Sifang company was adopted. 8 carriages, 506 members each train, 1476 fixed number of staff members or passengers, and the speed reaches 160 kilometers. More comfortable than the seat of second-class seat in the high-speed Railway.

The start of inter train will make more convenient between Yuyao and Ningbo, and bring a new life and work experience. It also helps Yuyao speeds up into Ningbo.

Zhejiang Dafeng Rail Transportation Equipment co., LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dafeng Industry. It is a specialized corporation works on the overall railway vehicles, seats, operating equipment design, manufacture and supporting services. The company has won the international system certification of IRIS¡¢EN15085¡¢DIN6701, and established a close partnership with the main engine plants, which are Changke, Sifang, Puzhen, and Zhudian. Recently, undertaken the  project of Ningbo line 2, Hangzhou line 2, Guangzhou line 7, 8, 14, and 21, Shenzhen line 2 and 5, Wuhan line 4 and 6, Kunming line 3, Urumchi line 1, Rio de Janeiro line 4, capital of Argentina A line, interior decoration and seat of Iran Shiraz subway, Changsha maglev train, and  inter-city seat of Changke urban rapid train.

Dafeng rail will continue to follow the craftsman's spirit to keep improving. Provide more advanced and comfortable railway equipment and services for hometown people, and also promote the development of Ningbo rail transit industry to make contributions.

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