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Dafeng Love House launching ceremony was held
Time:2017-6-22 12:21:36

Dafeng Love House launching ceremony was held today, leaders and employees participated into the ceremony, and chairman of the labor union Liao Xiufang hosted it.

Love House got strong support from the party and the union, through the Office of General Manager¡¯s careful preparation and active operation, it officially put to use today. Love House is made by the empty warehouse, and designed to a warm cultural place. People donate their idled clothes to help employees and poor people. Small kindness makes a world better place, and Love House will be a bond to deliver the kindness.

President Feng Hua advocates kindness all the time. The establishment of Love House is a flash point of constructing the enterprise culture. ¡°Honest and groundbreaking¡±are enterprise spirit of Dafeng, and they will go further and become a spiritual recourse.

Vice general manager Chen Lili makes an opening speech, legal director Pan Guoyue announces Love House officially put to use and unveils for Love House. The red silk falls, Love House officially put to use.

Dafeng pays attention to social responsibility. People Help old people and help students in their study, go to gerocomium, visit neighborhood, blood donation without payment. After the company went public, there is no shirking the responsibility. The establishment of Love House is the best inherit of Feng Guoxun spirit, which is ¡°honest, steadfast, diligent, and obedient.¡±

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