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Dafeng holds the 70 anniversary celebration of Inner Mongolia
Time:2017-8-10 12:16:42

At the 70 anniversary celebration of  Inner Mongolia, Dafeng helps culture and sports industry, and sends the congratulation.

On the unveiling ceremony by Chairman Xi, The political bureau of the CPC central committee, Chairman of the CPPCC, The central delegation party secretary Yu Zhengsheng and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, National People's Congress standing committee director Li Jiheng unveiled together. After the unveiled ceremony, the plaque looks dignified. To establish a beautiful Inner Mongolia and read a dream together, the inscription and Mongol plaque shows in front of people.

Dafeng creates the vertical opening system, using intelligent electronic control release device and activate the action. Insurance module ensures unveiled by error to open, and UPS power supply module ensures the power supply security. Meanwhile, manual plan is established, so that manual emergency will start under the emergency condition. What Dafeng did make the hundred of projects safe delivery.

Group photo of protect personnel on-site

The tribute project of Inner Mongolia 70 anniversary is stage machinery and seating of Xinganmeng cultural center, which is also from Dafeng. Xinganmeng cultural center is one of Ten Projects, total investment of 583,000,000 Yuan. Located in the new district of ulanhot, overall floorage 55107 square meter, accommodates more than 3000 audience, and it pushes Xinganmeng to develop.

Dafeng participates in many significant culture and sports projects domestic and overseas. As a global leader of integrated culture and sports industry solution provider, Dafeng tries its best to contribute to the development of culture and sports.

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